How to perform the bathtub cleaning process using a scrub?

bathtub cleaning process

We recommend performing bathtub cleaning on a regular basis because, over the course of time, it starts to get grimy and greasy. Similarly, an unclean bathtub can be a source of health hazards for the residents and especially for children since the damp and humid conditions in the bathroom can facilitate the growth of harmful microbial and germs. A greasy bathtub can also lead to other problems for the users as the friction of the floor decreases under such circumstances that can increase the probability of falling in the bathtub. This can lead to severe physical damage for children and elderly people; therefore, we recommend that a regular bathtub cleaning process may be performed following a standard process in order to keep the bathtub clean for safe and proper use. In this article, we will explain a standard bathtub cleaning process that the users can perform at home without requiring any professional help. Visit the site

Supplies required to clean a bathtub

A few supplies will help in performing the bathtub cleaning process in a smooth manner and achieve effective results from the cleaning process. Some of the supplies required are as follows:

  1. Cleaning agent: In order to remove dirt and greasy substance present inside the bathtub, we recommend using a proper cleaning agent that will be able to provide satisfactory results. In most cases, we recommend using natural cleaning agents such as baking soda, vinegar, etc. in order to clean bathtub because they are able to achieve satisfactory results without significantly affecting the budget of the user.
  2. Scrub: There may be sticky substances such as hair, dirt, grime, etc. present in the bathtub that can be a source of frustration for the users. Therefore, we recommend that a suitable scrubber may be used for the purpose of removing the sticky substances from the bathtub. 
  3. Lukewarm water: In order to clean bathtub properly, we recommend using lukewarm water for achieving better results.

Steps involved in the process to clean bathtub

In order to perform the bathtub cleaning process in an effective manner, we recommend the readers to follow the steps given below:

  1. In the first step, we recommend taking the necessary precautions before starting the cleaning process. Some basic necessary precautions include wearing a glove, facemask, proper shoes, etc. 
  2. Now, apply lukewarm water on all parts of the bathtub that needs cleaning. This will help in applying cleaning agent on the bathtub and achieving better results.
  3. Now, apply the cleaning agent on different parts of the bathtub in order to remove greasy substance and dirt.
  4. Scrub all parts of the bathtub with the help of a scrubber and continue the process for a few minutes. This will help in removing dirt and greasy substance present on the bathtub and an original look will start to appear.
  5. Continue the scrubbing process until the removal of the entire residue present on the bathtub.
  6. Wash the bathtub again with the help of lukewarm water in order to remove grime and cleaning agent residue. For more cleaning tips cleaning checklist.